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Bienvenue sur le portail sécurité edit


openSUSE is a secure distribution. Both during development and after shipment security processes are honored and applied.

Overseeing the security of the openSUSE distribution and coordinating the updates is the SUSE Security Team.

Sujets edit



openSUSE's Security Features help to prevent bugs from being exploitable.



Security updates for openSUSE are provided by the SUSE Security Team for two months after the second-next release, which currently is around 18 months. See the openSUSE Lifetime page for details.

A well defined Incident Handling Process is used to track, coordinate and release updates.

Security announcements are sent to the opensuse-security-announce mailinglist. An archive is also available. There is also a RSS feed that you can subscribe to.

Security Update Informations can be found via Hermes:

Updates are freely available on our Update Mirrors. Desktop applets warn users about new updates and offer to install them with just some mouse clicks. Alternatively command line update tools (zypper) or graphical package management tools (YaST) are also available for installing updates, or you can even turn on fully automatic update installation.

Annonces de sécurité edit