YaST Software Repositories

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Repositories are the online sources of software, from which extra applications can be installed when required.

There are many different repositories which can be added and enabled to allow software to be installed from them.

Basic repositories

The basic list of repositories that should be enabled are:

  • OSS (Open Source Software)
  • NON-OSS (Non-free software)
  • Update (Security and Bugfix updates)

available here: Package repositories

Extra repositories

This is a list of some of the extra repositories that may also be added, but beware adding lots of extra repositories for no reason can cause issues and isn't recommended; however you may wish to add the correct display driver, to allow desktop effects, or KDE to get the latest desktop environment.

Audio and video support

  • Packman (recommended for mp3 playback)
  • VLC (recommended for DVD playback)

Desktop environments

  • KDE
  • Gnome

Proprietary video card drivers

  • ATI

Latest software versions

  • OpenOffice.org
  • Wine
  • Mozilla

Available here: Additional package repositories

Adding and removing repositories

Repositories may be added and removed, enabled or disabled or their priority may be changed, to ensure software available from more than one repository is downloaded from the desired one.
This may be done from YaST -> Software -> Software Repositories.

Details of adding removing repositories is available from Add package repositories.

Please see Add package repositories, Package repositories and Additional package repositories for further information.