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How does this differ from Factory and the recently announced Factory-Tested?

Factory always contains the bleeding edge versions of our packages that the maintainers have created. Sometimes these packages don't work well together and cause the machine to fail to boot (Hence the need for Factory-Tested). Tumbleweed will contain "stable" versions of these latest packages that have been deemed to "work" properly.

A good example is the kernel package: Factory might be ahead with some 2.6.XX-rc release candidate. But Tumbleweed provides then newest release. And our released openSUSE-11.4 sticks with kernel 2.6.37 plus additional updates.

Quels types de paquets pourraient être mis à jour dans Tumbleweed ?

Que voulez-vous voir mis à jour ? Sérieusement, n'importe qui peut demander à ce que ses paquets soient mis à jour. Nous nous baserons sur les mainteneurs des paquets pour déterminer les versions "stables" à pousser dans Tumbleweed.

Cela peut être utile pour des projets qui n'alignent pas toujours leurs dates de sortie avec les versions existantes d'openSUSE. GNOME 3.0 a par exemple été disponible dans Tumbleweed après la sortie d'openSUSE 11.4.

But wait, can't you do this today on your own by just adding a bunch of different repos to zypper and relying on that?

Yes, you can, but if my zypper repo list is any example, that gets unwieldy (I seem to average about 12 per machine), and we don't want to have every user be forced to do this on their own. Tumbleweed would provide a single place for users that want to be on the semi-bleeding edge of packages, to have it all in one place.