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The ntsutils package contains a set of scripts that help reduce problem resolution time for SUSE Linux OS and application related issues.


Gathers system troubleshooting information. Organizes system information to reduce problem resolution time. Serves as a training tool by showing all commands and files used to gather system information. Creates a tarball that can be attached to a Novell service request and/or sent to a Novell Technical Services engineer. Basic info is collected for SLES8. More comprehensive information is collected for SLES9, SLE10 and OES Linux.

supportconfig Disclaimer

Detailed system information and logs are collected and organized in a manner that helps reduce service request resolution times. Private system information can be disclosed when using this tool. If this is a concern, please prune private data from the log files. Several startup options are available to exclude more sensitive information.

Documentation and Articles

Look at the supportconfig(1) and supportconfig.conf(5) man pages.
A Basic Server Health Check with Supportconfig
Create Your Own Supportconfig Plugin
Creating a Central Supportconfig Repository


Used to troubleshoot misbehaving applications. Checks the RPM package owner for the binary being checked and all it's shared libraries dependencies. Each unique RPM package is also verified.


A script that reads and interprets the basic-health-check.txt file. It evaluates several factors and determines if they are within normal operating limits. Those that are not are marked as red or yellow flags. Red flags should be understood and corrected as soon as possible. Yellow flags are less severe.

Getting the Software

Current Version: ntsutils
OBS Project: Novell:NTS/ntsutils
SVN Repository: SVN ntsutils
Supportconfig Plugins: SC-Plugins

Adding the Repository

You can add the Novell:NTS project repository as an Add-On product to SLE10. This allows you to install and update any package in the Novell:NTS project.

The steps are:
1. YaST > Software > Add-on Product
2. Add-On Product Media: HTTP > Next
3. Server and Directory
Server Name:
Directory on Server: /repositories/Novell:/NTS/SLE_10/
Authentication: Anonymous
4. Click OK
5. Click "Trust the Key" -> Import -> Continue
6. You can now select the ntsutils package for installation from the Software Management screen in YaST.

Reporting Bugs

Report bugs in Bugzilla