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openSUSE sponsorise différents projets et conférences. Vous trouverez ci-dessous une liste de partenaires, donateurs, communautés et conférences que nous soutenons. Si une communauté, un partenaire, un donateur ou une conférence n'était pas listé, merci de contacter ddemaio (@)


Partners cooperate with openSUSE as part of mutual interests. The partnership allows all parties to join forces and amplify the common interests and true potential of the open-source community. From offering cloud images to offering pre-installed openSUSE distributions on hardware, Partners of openSUSE are vital to the use and expansion of openSUSE and Linux/GNU distributions. Linode, SoftIron and TUXEDOComputers


Donors to the openSUSE Project help the project by providing support through donating hardware. Network cards provided by CPanel have helped with infrastructure needs. TUXEDOComputers provided a laptop to be given away at the 2018 openSUSE Conference. Aleph Object provided the project with two LulzBot 3D Printers. These types of support encourage a vibrant and functional community. We appreciate all the donors community support. If you are interested in donating to the openSUSE Project, email donations (@) or contact ddmaio (@)


Year-round, openSUSE supports the growth and development of open-source communities. openSUSE engages and supports a vast amount of communities to include FOSDEM, Free Software Foundation Europe, Girls Rails Summer of Code, GNOME, [Health], Google Summer of Code, KDE and many others. As a project, we actively engage with and support the efforts of communities trying to make a difference in Free Open Source Software.


openSUSE sponsors activities to include university programs and clubs in local communities. CoderDojo, Nürnberg Web Week and SV Sorghof are just a few of the activities we support.


Throughout the year, openSUSE sponsors and attends several conferences. The openSUSE Project has people all over the world attending conferences and supporting the development of the community. Below are conferences where you will visibly see members of the openSUSE Project present:

Conference Actively Sponsor Country
COSCUP Yes Taiwan
Flock to Fedora Yes Europe and North America
FOSDEM Yes Belgium
freenode#live Yes UK
FrOSCon Yes Germany
GNOME.Asia Yes Asia
GNU Health Conference Yes Spain
GUADEC Yes Europe
KDE Akademy Yes Europe
Libre Application Summit Yes US
Linux Developer Conference Brazil Yes Brazil
Linux Fest North West Yes US
OggCamp Yes UK
Open Source Summit Yes Europe and North America
Ruby on Ice Yes Germany
Southern California Linux Expo Yes US
SouthEast Linux Fest Yes US
SUSECon Yes Europe and North America